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Andy Lou Somers - EP Women's Info Centre.JPG Barb Fanning - People First.JPG Barbie Barbour - OAG for Callaghan JR. HS B'fast Prog.JPG Bernice DesRoches - Ester Finkle Fund.JPG Carole MacFarlane - AIDS PEI.JPG Charity Sheehan - PEI Special Olympics.JPG
Charlotte Estabrooks - Tiny Paws Dog Rescue.JPG Donna Reardon - Life Bridge.JPG Doris MacKinnon - KC Mental Health Outreach.JPG Ellen Davis - Hospice Palliative Care.JPG Emily Bryant - Carolyn Wood - Clyde River Recreation.JPG Gordie Whitlock - Generation XX.JPG Grace Kimpinski - Child Find PEI.JPG
Greg McCormick - Canadian Ski Patrol.JPG Judy Rayner - CAT Action.JPG Ken Hall and Claude Martel - PEI Ground Search & Rescue.JPG Lisa Murphy - Status of Women Advisory Council.JPG Marlene Bryanton - Ghiz Park.JPG Maurice Hashie - SS Comunity Church.JPG Murphy Centre Inner City Youth - Mike, Don MacKinnon, Franklin, Ehhser, Htoo.JPG
Shelley Mountain - Canadian Hemophiliac Society.JPG Suzanne Murphy - Westisle B'Fast Program.JPG Terry Lewis - Canadian Diabetes Assoc.JPG Terry MacIsaac - Prince St. School - B'Fast Program.JPG Wendy Porier - Habitat For Humanity.JPG

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PEI UPSE Pension Television Spots

November 25, 2013

Spot 1 Bob Fitz, PEI Civil Service Retiree

Television spots featuring current and retired PEI Government
Emloyees discussion the effects of the proposed changes
to the Civil Service Pension Fund

Spot 2 Eileen Brown Civil Service Retiree

Spot 3 Bryan Burt Civil Service Employee

PEI UPSE 52nd Convention
Pension reform presentation

November 16, 2013

Presentation from guest speaker Susan Phillpot,
Kosky Minsky, LLP advisor to PEI UPSE on
PEI Civil Service Pension Reform

PEI UPSE Pension Rally

November 15 2013 Part 1

November 15, 2013: PEI UPSE Members and supporters
rally to have their voice heard by the PEI Government
on opposition to the proposed changes to Civil Service Pension’s

PEI UPSE Pension Rally

November 15 2013 Part 2

PEI UPSE Pension Rally

November 15 2013 Part 3

The History of Women in the PEIUPSE

The History of PEIUPSE Part 1

The video takes you through the union's humble beginnings
in the 1940's as the Public Servants Association primarily acting
as a social club, to key events in the 1970's when the first collective
agreement became a reality. The video outlines how successive
governments both Conservative and Liberal attacked the wages
and rights of members in the 80's, 90's and 2000's and how the
union demonstrated solidarity in the face of these attacks.

The History of PEIUPSE Part 2