To the Dedicated Members of the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees

Posted June 27, 2012

This message goes out to all the great members of this amazing union. I am sending this message to inform you that I will be stepping down as President of our union as of June 27, 2012. I have applied and accepted a job with the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees as your Senior Staffing Officer/Labour Relations Officer. I will begin my new role as of June 28, 2012. I am excited to start a new path in my life by helping the union deliver valuable services to our membership.

I want to thank all PEI UPSE members for your continued support during my six years as your President. It has been an honour and a privilege leading this union in the right direction. We should be very proud of all the accomplishments we have made in the past six years. Some of these accomplishments include:

• our new building;

• our increase in membership involvement;

• our increase in membership;

• improving our education for the membership;

• improving our financial stability;

• increasing our profile in the public and speaking out on issues that matter to us all;

• accomplishing great things at the bargaining table with excellent wage increases;

• launching successful campaigns (Fight against P3's, Promoting Public Services, Retirement Security for All etc.);

• fighting for causal worker rights in our province, and the list continues...

Yes, we have had to meet significant challenges in some troubling times, but with the solidarity and unity of the membership and the strong leadership of this union we have prevailed. As I step down as President, it is comforting to know that the union is prepared to grow confidently into the future. I now look forward to working with you in a different capacity, and at the same time, continuing with my passion for improving and fighting for social justice and the labour movement. I sincerely thank you for supporting the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees.

In Solidarity,

Shelley Ward,