Why Gamble with Safety?

Posted May 27, 2010

Another summer is almost here. The provincial parks will once again be open, and visitors from near and far will be enjoying the Island’s beauty. For park employees, “working alone” is a health and safety concern. The potential for violence or serious consequences from assault is higher when workers are alone. Prevention, in this case, means putting a stop to working alone, or at the very least, ensuring that there is a safe process for employees to get help quickly when needed. The province has fallen short on both accounts. However, the situation could be improved by hiring one other person on the night shift for all parks. This investment in prevention would cost the province approximately $300,000. Perhaps this would be a better investment for the Ghiz government than the $750,000 Regis and Kelly gamble? Remember, assault can have very different consequences when a worker is alone, compared to when the victim has co-workers in the immediate vicinity. Injury from workplace violence, like all workplace injury, is preventable!