Ghiz holds Public Service for Ransom

Posted April 7, 2010

The President of the Union of Public Sector Employees, Shelley Ward, says “the Ghiz government has stooped to an all-time low by attempting to hold the public service for ransom.   Premier Ghiz is sidestepping contract negotiations and the entire process by threatening the livelihoods of public service employees. This is coercion, plain and simple.” 

“This strategy says a lot about the current government,” explains Ward. “They will not accept any responsibility as a government for their own wasteful spending practices in recessionary times, but, they will threaten public service employees and the services they deliver to Islanders if there is any talk of improved benefits and wages.”       

President Ward says that “the Legislature opens today and the province does not have a budget prepared.  This delay is telling, as we know the current session is primarily about the budget as opposed to legislation. The province is stalling and they are showing signs of desperation.”

“As the President of the Union of Public Sector Employees of Prince Edward Island, I implore the government to begin showing respect for the negotiating process. Wages and benefits for public sector employees will not be determined by threats and coercion. The government must bargain fairly, respect the negotiating process and abide by its natural outcome.”



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