Karen Jackson Wins Presidential Election

September 29, 2015


Karen Jackson has won the 2015 UPSE Presidential Election. Karen is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Kings County Memorial Hospital and most recently served as UPSE’s Second Vice - President.  Karen has been a member of UPSE for the past 24 years and has held several positions within the union including serving as a Steward, Local Director, Executive Officer and Interim President.

The President of UPSE, Debbie Bovyer, says she has enjoyed serving UPSE members over the past three years in her role as President.  “Together we have negotiated fair collective agreements for the membership, campaigned for tax fairness and the value of public services, and steered the union in the right direction during challenging times.”  Boyver offers her congratulations to the incoming UPSE President, Karen Jackson.

Karen Jackson says “I want to thank the membership for their support and I look forward to working on their behalf over the next three years.  I believe by working together we can move the union ahead to improve the workplace for the membership and all Islanders.”

The election was carried out via a mail in / mail out process between August 31 and September 28, 2015.  The union’s Presidential Nominations Committee counted the ballots on September 28.  Of the 3,860 ballots mailed out, 1,196 ballots were returned - representing a 31% rate of return.  Debbie Bovyer received 559 votes and Karen Jackson received 630 votes.