UPSE Supports Need for Child Advocate

February 3, 2016


At PEI UPSE’s recent Annual Convention a resolution was passed supporting the need for a Child Advocate in Prince Edward Island. Delegates recognized the need in PEI to protect and advance the rights and interests of children and youth – our most precious resource. 

I would like to encourage government to reconsider the creation of a position of Child Advocate within the Department of Family and Human Services. The appointment of a Child Advocate to represent children and youth in custody battles was a key recommendation that arose from a coroner’s inquest in March 2015. PEI is the only province in Canada that does not have a Child Advocate. 

Government has committed to addressing the recommendations of the inquest through current staff allotments. However, we believe that a newly created and dedicated Child Advocate is needed to ensure that the rights and interests of children and youth are protected. I hope government will consider the resolution and request in the spirit it is intended which is to ensure the safety of Island children and youth.

Karen Jackson,
President, PEI UPSE