September 28, 2016

Workers Have Right to Organize: UPSE

Karen Jackson, President of PEI UPSE, is aware of recent developments at the Dr. John M. Gillis Memorial Lodge whereby workers of the nursing home have elected to form an employee association. Jackson says “all workers have a right to organize and collectively bargain for their wages, benefits and general working conditions.”

Jackson explains that “Gillis Lodge workers came to UPSE in 2010 with an interest to join the union after experiencing difficulty with the employer.  A certification vote resulted in which a majority of Gillis Lodge staff voted to join UPSE.  Gillis Lodge was part of UPSE for approximately four years.”   

Jackson says “I am aware that Gillis Lodge worked with UPSE to negotiate the Lodge’s first collective agreement. This was a big step for their organization, and the employees were happy to have an agreement that made it fair and equitable for all members who were employed there.” 

She says “I cannot comment on the relationship between UPSE and the employer.  I was not President at the time they held their decertification vote. UPSE respects the rights of workers, and this includes whether they collectively want to be a part of a union, and which union they decide to be part of.  That being said, if these employees ever weigh their options again and find they need the broader services and protection of an organization that has a proven track record of helping workers all over PEI, our doors are always open.”       




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