January 12, 2017

UPSE Supports Members at Mill River

The Union of Public Sector Employees has been informed that the province intends to move ahead with the sale of the Mill River complex which includes the fun park, golf course and campground. The union has been aware of the status of the Mill River property for some time.  Last May it was leased to the private sector as a preliminary step towards the possible sale of the property.

Karen Jackson, the President of UPSE, says “with the announcement of the sale of the Mill River complex, the union will support its members in their bid to apply for positions within the new ownership group, and or the public service, and will look into possible successor rights.”

“There are 49 employees affected by the sale of Mill River. This includes nine permanent employees, thirty nine casual employees, and one special projects staff,” says Jackson.  “They have been contacted by the employer and informed of the news, and we will be meeting with our members to discuss their options as provided under the collective agreement.”

President Jackson says “the union believes that provincial parks should remain accessible to the public. The sale of the golf course and parks in Mill River should not be a model for other provincial properties in the future.  Islanders are proud of the beautiful recreational facilities that have been built using public funds. They should remain in public ownership.  Most facilities such as Mill River would not exist if had not been for government investment.”


For more info contact:

Mark Barrett
UPSE Communications